I-Tero Scanner

i-Tero Scanner

iTero Technology

iTero intraoral scanners capture images that are used to create 3-D digital images in mere minutes. We can create accurate dental models of patient’s teeth, allowing us to make the accurate diagnoses and craft the ideal treatment plans.

The scanner uses a small handheld wand that is moved around the mouth to capture thousands of frames per second. When put together, it provides a 3-D view of the patient’s mouth. The wand is small and comfortable and eliminates the need for messy and uncomfortable impressions.

The iTero intraoral scanner allows for a higher degree of precision when planning for your dental work, including crowns, bridges or other restorations. The scanner creates the most accurate model of the mouth, increasing accuracy and efficiency.

Because the scan is digital, information can be sent directly to the lab to create the best-fitting restorations possible. Digital scans are easy to read and highly accurate, unlike previous physical models of the teeth that may have inaccuracies. This allows for restorations that fit properly. Additionally, the scanner can also show images of what to expect once your restoration is complete.

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