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Good oral hygiene plays a critical role in the overall health and wellness of an individual. Your family members may have unique dental care needs that will change over time. A family dentist can help tackle their oral health issues as they arise, throughout their life.

With the average household planning a move every six years, the idea of having a family dentist seems a little far-fetched. However, family dental services bring some unique advantages over having different dentists for each family member. Here are five key benefits of having a family dentist.

1. Convenience

Unlike general dentists that serve a specific age-group, family dental practices offer consultations on oral health issues that affect all age groups. You can receive dental care services for your children, teens, or adult family members. It makes it convenient to schedule one appointment for your whole family. You do not have to see different specialists for each member. You can reduce your travel headaches while improving your family’s access to proper oral care.

2. Track Your Family’s Dental Health

Family dentists maintain a record of all treatments provided to your family members. Your dentist gets to understand your family’s dental and medical history. This information is vital in identifying and predicting genetic dental conditions.

Additionally, it is not unusual for a family dentist to see their patients throughout their life. The dentist-patient relationship built over the years can help the local dentist identify any issues early enough. Your children may be comfortable visiting the dentist, allowing them to uphold good dental hygiene practices even in the future.

3. Proactive Family Dentistry

Family dentistry can help set the right example for your kids through preventative dental care. At the dental office, your child may learn about good dental practices as well as their importance in keeping a healthy smile. They can get tips on daily oral care, the right diet, toothpaste selection, and other vital concerns. You can also teach your kid the importance of regular dental check-ups. You can also get awesome recommendations for qualified orthodontists if your child will need teeth realignment treatments.

4. Emergency Dental Services

Family dentists are more than willing to accommodate late appointments for their patients. Tooth pain or accidents are medical emergencies that necessitate an urgent visit to the dentist. You can access immediate attention to your child’s broken tooth or your festering dental infection.

5. All-Round Dental Care

You can also enjoy a wider range of dental services, treating all sorts of teeth problems. Family dentists offer regular dental exams, teeth cleaning, dental fillings, and more. You can also get dental implants for your missing or decaying teeth. Modern dental implants have been in use for over three decades and offer the strongest and most natural alternative to missing teeth. Your family can enjoy healthier teeth and gums through the services provided by your family dentist. A family dentist will also be more proactive and is likely to notice any dental health issues before they escalate.

Get the Right Dentist Today

Family dentistry makes it convenient for your whole family to access the dental care that they need with an individualized care plan for each member. Set your family to proper dental care through the family dentists at Lowell Dental Arts. Call us to schedule an appointment for you and your kids.

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