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You want your child to have healthy teeth and gums from an early age. However, do you know when you should take your child to the dentist? You aren’t alone if you aren’t sure about the answer to this question. Many parents do not know when they should schedule that first dental care appointment to see a children’s dentist. Is it time when you see their first tooth coming in? Or should they already have all of their baby teeth?

Make Sure Your Child Has the Best Dental Care

It is important to note that the first time you take your child to the dentist, they may not receive treatment immediately. Per the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, it is ideal to schedule a visit with a children’s dentist within 6 months of the first baby tooth erupting, but don’t wait too long. Arrange for your child to see a dentist no later than the age of 2. Additionally, orthodontists recommend that kids get evaluated when their permanent teeth start to come in, typically around the age of 7.

If your child only has just a few teeth, do you still need to arrange for an appointment so early? This is a common question among parents. The answer is yes. The first appointment is more about introducing children to the dental office and a children’s dentist.

Your child’s first visit may not even include an actual exam. There may be a peek inside their mouth to make sure all of your child’s teeth are emerging correctly without any major issues. Dentistry for children is all about making them comfortable and acclimating them to the atmosphere. The overall goal is to build a relationship of trust and awareness. This helps eliminate fears and overcome dental anxiety.

Continue Visiting the Dentist

In order to fully create comfort and trust, you need to keep taking your child to the dentist. After the first visit, you should make appointments to visit the dentist every 6 months, unless their dentist recommends treatment before then.

The second visit is typically when a children’s dentist will start working on child’s teeth. This includes counting the number of teeth as well as brushing and polishing their teeth. It’s not quite a full exam but easing them into being even more comfortable visiting a family dentist.

Full Dental Exams Start at Age 3

At the age of 3, your child is ready for a full dental exam. They may start fluoride treatments at this time. Dentistry for kids includes teaching them how to thoroughly brush and floss their teeth at a young age. Parents are encouraged to participate and assist their children when it comes to properly caring for their teeth at home.

Dental care for children consists of brushing their teeth twice a day for two minutes. You may want to find a children’s toothbrush that has a light that flashes or a built-in timer to show when they are done. Children’s dentists also recommend finding fun songs or games to play to reach that two-minute goal.

Good Dental Care Advice for Parents

Ensure your child has the best oral health by bringing them to a children’s dentist, even if they are young. The younger children start dental care, the better. They simply become more comfortable with their dentist. Consider bringing your child to your next dental exam. It only helps them understand better how important it is to have healthy teeth.

Has Your Child Already Popped Their First Tooth?

If your child’s first tooth is already popping in, it’s time to schedule a dental appointment with a children’s dentist. They lead children down the path to great oral health. Request an appointment today. Children’s dentists are more than happy to provide care and treatment to all children.

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