Aged Couple Getting Dentures

If you’re thinking about getting dentures, you probably have a lot of questions. Around 41 million people in the United States had dentures in 2020, according to Statista. Your dentist will inform you of what you need to know about denture wearing and will help prepare you for getting them. To understand the denture process, read on to get an idea of this type of dentistry.

Trust the Dentists

Dentists want you to trust them and the process. They have years of experience and education behind them, and they stay up to date on the latest techniques. They want to make sure you are confident going into any procedure that you’re going to be taken care of.

Trust Your Options

We want you to know that there are choices that you have for your dentures. There are several types on the market, and we can go over which is best for your situation.

Trust the Budget

There are several different costs that come with getting dentures. You will want to talk with us about your options and the costs associated with them. They can help you figure out the best way to pay for your upcoming dentistry.

Trust the Process

There are three stages of getting dentures. There is extraction, an optional temporary denture stage, and your final dentures. Here’s how it will work.

Tooth extraction – The dentist will pull your teeth to get ready for the dentures. All will be extracted for full dentures, but you still may need one or more pulled for partials if they aren’t healthy. Your dentist will talk with you about that.

(Optional) Temporary dentures – You may get temporary dentures to help ease the wait time between extraction and your final set. You will need to heal in the meantime as well.

Final dentures – You will have an impression made of your mouth, and your final dentures will be created. Once received, we’ll check the fitting, make adjustments, and have you begin to get used to your final set of dentures. You may need a few adjustments before they are well-fitted.

If you have dentistry questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please give our office a call. We’re here to answer all your concerns.

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