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Straight teeth are important for a child’s health and self-esteem. A misaligned bite can cause speech difficulties, difficulty chewing, and an increased risk of gum disease, so it’s important to determine when your child is ready for orthodontic treatment. Let’s gain more insight into knowing when to consider Invisalign for your child.

1. Permanent Teeth

According to KidsHealth, it’s suggested that children should visit an orthodontist when their permanent teeth start coming in, around age seven. At this age, Invisalign treatment can be considered to begin the process of realigning your child’s teeth. Your orthodontist can adjust the aligners as your child’s mouth grows.

2. Jaw Growth

Your orthodontist will also consider your child’s jaw growth. Jaw growth usually stops around age 11 or 12. The orthodontic specialist may still recommend this treatment before growth stops, depending on the severity of your child’s orthodontic needs.

3. Teeth Grinding

A pattern of teeth grinding can indicate that Invisalign aligners may be necessary. Teeth grinding can cause dental issues, and this orthodontic treatment can correct the issue. Otherwise, teeth grinding can cause long-term damage to your child’s teeth.

4. Overjet

An overjet is when the upper front teeth stick out over the bottom teeth. Using Invisalign treatment can help correct the overjet by shifting the lower jaw forward. When left untreated, an overjet can cause speech difficulties, gum recession, and other dental problems.

5. Crowded Teeth

Crowded teeth can cause plaque buildup and gum disease. Luckily, Invisalign treatment can fix overcrowding. Invisalign aligners can gradually move teeth into their correct positions without the use of metal braces or wires.

6. Small Gaps

Invisalign aligners can close small gaps between teeth. This can improve the appearance of your child’s smile and help them feel more confident. It can also reduce the risk of gum disease because it helps to prevent plaque buildup between the teeth.

7. Orthodontic Evaluation

The best way to determine if Invisalign is right for your child is to have an orthodontic evaluation. An orthodontist will be able to assess your child’s teeth and jaw and create a treatment plan best for them.

There are many reasons you may need to take your child to the local orthodontist for treatment. Luckily, Invisalign can help your child achieve a straight, beautiful smile. If you’re considering Invisalign treatment for your child, consult with our local orthodontist office today!

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