Have you ever wondered exactly how your dentist is qualified to clean your teeth and perform other services? A dentist is a highly trained professional who must meet state regulations and licensing in order to provide dental services legally. Let’s look at four qualifications your dentist has and uses to provide you with excellent dental services.

A Bachelor’s Degree in Health

A dentist must have a bachelor’s degree with pre-requisites in health or science. Most students who wish to become dentists will study a health-related major as part of their bachelor’s degree. This could be biology, chemistry, or human anatomy. A major in a health-related field helps a dentist complete the necessary prerequisites to attend dental school.

Attended Dental School

Once a student has completed their bachelor’s degree, they will then need to take a dental school entrance exam and be admitted to dental school. During dental school, a student will earn a Doctor of Dental Surgery or Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry degree. Either of these degrees will have the same course requirements and knowledge. Both programs require intense study.

Pass the National Board Dental Exam

Earning a Doctorate degree isn’t the end of the qualifications for your family dentist. Upon completion of their degree, a would-be dentist must still pass the National Board Dental Exam. This exam ensures that your dentist understands the different dental conditions, topics, and treatments needed to care for patients. Passing this exam will help your dentist become legally licensed in your state.

Obtain a License

Once they have passed the exam, they can obtain licensure for their state. This licensure must be kept up to date. It’s important that you do some research on your dentist to ensure that they are indeed licensed legally to practice dentistry.

Complete Specializations

Some dentists may go on to complete specializations in certain treatment areas such as orthodontics. All orthodontists are trained dentists, but only 5% of dentists specialize in orthodontics, according to AAO. If a dentist is choosing a specialization, they will also complete a residency in that specialization as well.

When it comes to dentistry, you can rest assured that your dentist has the knowledge and skill to properly take care of your teeth. If you’re looking for a reliable, qualified dentist in your area, please contact us today at Lowell Dental Arts. We’re available to answer any questions you may have!

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