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Hospitals aren’t the only places to go to treat an accident or health issue. Any dental issue you must deal with immediately, calls for emergency dental care. If you’re not sure what constitutes such an emergency, read on to learn more.

Extreme Pain

There are times when your teeth or gums may cause you extreme pain. According to Vox, over 5 million wisdom teeth are extracted every year. If your wisdom tooth is impacted and possibly decayed, it may begin to throb and require immediate extraction. Major pain may come from deep decay. Once decay has gone down to the root, you may have ongoing pain that will keep you up at night, and need a root canal.


Your teeth or gums can bleed after trauma or due to underlying reasons. However, the reason and level of bleeding can affect if it qualifies as an emergency. For example, you may be in the first stages of gum disease and have some bleeding when you brush. If that happens, you can make an appointment. However, if you fall, have an accident, or get hit in the face, it may result in major bleeding and trauma that you should tend to immediately.

Loose or Knocked Out Teeth

If you or your child is active and plays sports, using a mouth guard is a great way to protect a tooth from becoming loose or knocked out. If you do lose a tooth, pick it up by the chewing surface, gently clean and put it in some milk if you can’t reinsert it. According to the American Association of Endodontists, you can save a knocked-out tooth if you go to emergency dental care services in 30 minutes or up to an hour.


Infection is never good for any part of your body, and your mouth is no different. If you have a tooth infection and you let it go, you may end up losing the tooth and possibly do more damage to other parts of your mouth and body. Signs of an infection include throbbing pain or a dental abscess.

You may need to see a dentist beyond your regular appointments. Whether you suffer dental trauma or infection, experiencing bleeding or pain keeping you awake at night, visit our local office today. Our caring and professional staff are here to provide expert emergency dental care.

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