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By the time your little one has a full set of baby teeth, you’ll likely begin to wonder when you should start taking them to the dentist. It’s important to learn when your baby needs to go to a children’s dentist as to prevent future problems. Here’s what you should know.

Start Preventative Care Early

According to the CDC, most children will develop at least one cavity in their baby teeth by the age of eight. That is why it is critical to start preventative care early. A children’s dentist can see cavities before they form via X-rays. This gives both you and the dentist time to prevent any cavities from fully forming.

It’s recommended to take your baby to a dentist as soon as they start to develop teeth. For most children, this is around six months old. A children’s dentist will keep an eye on your child’s teeth as they come in to minimize problems and ensure that their development is on track.

Take Your Child If You Notice a Problem

Children can experience dental problems even before the age of three. Baby bottle tooth decay is a common problem that results from children going to bed with a bottle or sippy cup. This is often caught early on as children begin to develop cavities in their front teeth. Taking your child to see a children’s dentist can help you learn how to address problems like baby bottle tooth decay and early cavities.

Schedule a Visit to Address Concerns

Any time you’re concerned about your little one’s teeth, it’s important to speak with a children’s dentist. For example, if you notice your little one crying when you brush their teeth, you should talk to their dentist. This could be due to them not liking the toothpaste, because your toddler is striving for independence, or it could be a sign that your little one is in pain and needs dental care. It’s always better to schedule an appointment to discover that there is nothing wrong than to avoid scheduling an appointment and there is a problem.

Early dental care can improve your child’s overall health and well-being in the future. For more questions or to schedule your first dentist appointment, give the friendly team at Lowell Dental Arts a call, today.

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