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Dental injuries that lead to the loss of teeth can be extremely difficult for a person. Such injuries can make one lose confidence in their appearance. To restore this, one may either have dentures or dental implants. Here are the differences and similarities between these two options.


Dentures are oral appliances that are made to look like natural teeth. In other words, they are dental prosthetics. Dentures can be done partially or fully depending on the nature of the tooth loss.

Dentures are relatively more affordable compared to implants. Dentures can be used to replace a few lost teeth or the entire tooth arch. Dentures need to be removed when going to sleep. They need to be stored in water or denture cleanser in order to prevent cracking.

Dental Implants

Dental implants, on the other hand, are prosthetic teeth that are implanted into the jaw. They are installed through a dental surgical procedure and are permanent. Their permanence helps their users resume their normal routines such as eating all foods. Unlike dentures that might limit the types of food that one can eat; dental implants allow one to eat anything they want. Dental implants have a 98% success rate.

Jawbone Deterioration and Teeth Replacement

One of the effects of losing a tooth is jawbone deterioration. The body senses that a tooth is missing and immediately stops sending minerals to where the tooth was located. This affects the jaw and the teeth surrounding the gap left by the tooth removal. They can also lead to facial collapse and an altering of the facial appearance of a person. Dentures have no attachment to the jawbone. However, dental implants are attached to the jawbone and the body detects them as its part. Dental implants prevent this from happening. It is easier to maintain healthy dental care with implants than with dentures.

Social Benefits

One of the main disadvantages of having dentures is that at times they fall off at the most unexpected times. For example, when speaking or eating. These accidents may have scarring psychological effects on a person. Dental implants are permanently fixed on the gum, and one does not have to frequently worry about them falling. They have a better effect even on one’s speech, especially if they have lost their front teeth.

Whether one uses dentures or dental implants, it is mandatory to maintain high standards of dental hygiene. One must brush their teeth twice a day and visit their dentist regularly. Dental care begins with oneself.

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