5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Oral Health

When choosing different types of dental care, you need to have a good idea of how the type of care works. Dental sealants are one type of dental care that might be recommended to you. This quick guide will provide you with some information on this topic, so that you can make smart dental health decisions.

Cavity Prevention

Dental sealants are a type of dental care you receive that help to prevent cavities. According to the CDC, it is estimated that dental sealants help to prevent 80% of cavities in a 2-year span. They are especially useful for the back teeth. 9 out of 10 cavities occur in the back teeth. You need all the help you can get to prevent these vulnerable teeth from developing cavities. If you are concerned about cavities, you can talk to our dentist about sealants.

How Do Sealants Work?

When your dentist puts a sealant on your teeth, they will coat the teeth with a clear liquid. This liquid dries, creating a solid covering for the tooth. This covering protects the tooth underneath from developing cavities.

Is It Painful To Get Sealants?

No, there is no pain involved in getting sealants. You will simply plan a visit with your dentist and have the clear coatings applied.

Will Sealants Change the Appearance of My Teeth?

No, sealants are made of clear coating. This coating does not change the appearance of your teeth at all. In most cases, sealants are applied to the back teeth only, since these are the teeth most vulnerable to cavities. The sealants are not visible on the back teeth and are clear. The appearance of your teeth will not be change at all.

Can Children Have Sealants Put On Their Teeth?

Yes, children can have sealants put on their back molars. Your dentist will recommend when a child should have this procedure done. Sealants are usually put on the back molars, so obviously you would need to wait until your child’s back molars are in before having the sealants applied.

If you are concerned about cavities, you can talk to our dentistry professional about the possibility of having sealants applied to your teeth. This is a great way to fight cavities. Our office offers all dental services under one roof, so you can ensure your entire smile is healthy. Contact us today for more information on dental sealants.

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